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Microphone Accessories

Microphone Accessories show our business's sense of duty regarding making the most elevated quality sound links. Since they initially turned out, links have been the expert's decision for the most requesting usages. The demanding outline of the whole line settles on links and different accessories, the keen decision for your requirements. From basic hookup links to complex studio outfitting, just high-class segments as well as time-demonstrated assembling systems are utilized. To guarantee customers are getting the most noteworthy quality Microphone Accessories for their money, attempt our link today! Our accessories are available with connectors, gage copper center and plaited copper protecting; strain alleviation and substantial PVC coating.

Key features:
  • 20-gage copper center transmitter
  • Stage-commendable, copper 95% scope interlaced shield
  • Tough translucent coat and ensured forever life
  • Tough metal connectors with safe metal contacts
Microphone Extension Cable
Microphone Extension Cable
This cable is ideal for use to connect it to a video mic, stereo video mic or video mic pro, when the microphone is mounted on a boom pole or away from the camera or recorder. This cable features two core shielding and gold or copper plated jack and socket. In addition to this, Microphone Extension Cable is sturdy in design and resistant to distortion. Such cables are perfect for musicians and sound engineers who require superior sound quality and demand ultimate reliability.
Microphone Connector Cable
Microphone Connector Cable
Microphone Connector Cable is a balanced cable with XLR male connection at one end and a female XLR at another end. It is commonly used to connect microphones with mixers and also with stereo jack connectors. This cable is compatible with any XLR connection-microphone, mixer and recorder. The XLR connector provides extra security by its external locking mechanism on the female connector. To strengthen this cable, copper braided shielding is done, which also offers protection from radio frequency inferences (RFI).